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You might have recently started to wonder if your drug use is getting out of control, if so it is time to consider enrolling in a drug rehab facility. Those who address their substance abuse as quickly as possible will drastically reduce their risk of dealing with permanent consequences. In as little as 30 days, you can begin the process of taking back control, ending your addiction so that you can rebuild your life.

It Is Time to Ask for Help

There is no single sign or symptom that indicates you are in need of an addiction recovery program. Some people are able to hold down their jobs and support their families even though they wrestle with their addiction every day. The biggest warning sign that you might need help is if your thoughts and actions are consumed by finding and using your drug of choice. Even though you realize that the drugs are negatively impacting your life, you still find yourself obsessing over them, using them without control.

Using prescriptions to treat an injury or taking drugs with friends can easily spiral out of control. Many different variables create an addiction, and you must work with an addiction recovery team that is ready to help you address all of those issues. Here at North Shore Behavioral Health addiction treatment facility in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, you will have ongoing support from a variety of specialists who can help you rebuild your life from the ground up.

What to Expect During Your First Few Weeks of Sobriety

One of the most common reasons people never consider heading to a substance abuse treatment facility is because they are unsure of what to expect. While the process might sound daunting, those who spend a short period at a drug rehab center have a much better chance of avoiding future relapses. These facilities provide you a sense of peace and safety so you can focus on your personal health as well as your plan for the future. During your stay at our Myrtle Beach addiction treatment center, you will be given a customized treatment plan that is designed specifically to address your personal needs.

We can also help you in our Myrtle Beach drug detox clinic during the initial stages of sobriety so that you have constant support while you go through the withdrawal symptoms. Trying to quit a powerful drug on your own is extremely taxing on your body, and no one should ever feel as if they have to take on these physical and psychological symptoms alone. After your body has been given some time to balance itself out, you are then free to start a longer treatment program at our addiction recovery facility in Myrtle Beach.

The Support You Need to Make Permanent Changes

Your addiction isn't the result of laziness or a lack of willpower. After years of exhaustive research, we have learned that an addiction is a chronic brain disease that interacts with your body in the exact same way as many other common ailments. Your body will become so used to the powerful chemicals that it might feel as if you cannot do anything without them. During those tumultuous first few weeks, you must be surrounded by people who are ready to support you as much as possible.

Finishing Your Stay

You might benefit from a short stay at North Shore Behavioral addiction recovery center in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, but the vast majority of our clients enroll in a residential program that last for at least 30 days. When your program is coming to a close, you will have the tools you need to face any challenges you are going to experience back out in daily life. We offer ongoing outpatient support to all our clients so that they never have to worry about trying to overcome their addiction without the professional help they need or the support they deserve.