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Those feeling broken and lost from an intense battle with drug addiction, have hope in Northshore Behavioral Health. Whether you have been to rehab many times before or experienced the first moments of addiction, getting the treatment is key to kicking your addiction for good and living a prosperous, happy life. The treatment that is right, is the treatment that is designed for you. Our drug rehab center in Denver, Colorado specializes in building foolproof addiction recovery plans that are crafted to meet your unique needs and situation.

First, before detox even, you must come to terms with your disease. Addiction is a chronic brain disorder that cannot be treated on your own. You need professional help, and that’s okay. You wouldn’t blame yourself for cancer and you certainly shouldn’t for drug addiction.

After you have eradicated denial and accepted the reality of the disease, you will be admitted into our Denver drug detox clinic for withdrawal. As you go through symptoms, you will be carefully monitored by caring and professional experts. With the right guidance and support, you can overcome you physical dependence with as much safety and comfort as possible. Our addiction specialists will do everything in their power to make detox as efficient and painless as possible. You will be able to end physical addiction with simple, insightful instructions.

Then, you will move into long-term therapy. This is where the real work gets done. With a personal addiction counselor, you’ll be able to get down to the root of the problem and get dark feelings off your chest. While in individual therapy, you will craft a personalized addiction treatment plan for our substance abuse treatment center in Denver, and beyond. Together, you and your counselor will work to find the best plan of action for you.

This may include dual diagnosis mental health treatment. Almost half of all people with addictions have an underlying and contributing mental illness such as depression or bipolar disorder. Before the addiction can be effectively treated, we must uncover the root cause of the problem, whether it’s a mental health condition or trauma, or something else. Whatever is bothering you will be quickly and accurately identified and addressed. Treating the addiction is treating the whole you, not just the withdrawal symptoms.

Group therapy is also an integral aspect of treatment at our Denver addiction recovery clinic. The community that is fostered during group meetings will support you and help you during tough times. The friends you meet here may last a lifetime. You will have the opportunity to share your challenges, hear stories of similar adversity, and get the chance to exchange insightful advice that makes a real difference. Feeling you are not alone in the struggle is truly and comparatively helpful.

As with your individualized treatment program, when you go to leave our Denver drug rehab facility, you will have everything you need in place to have a successful life of sobriety. Aftercare is post-treatment recovery that can last for years. Addiction is a chronic disease that needs constant upkeep and care. Working through your problems at our Denver rehab isn’t enough, you need to continue to go to meetings and see a counselor habitually. When you leave us, you will have the guidance, support, and tools necessary to make yourself happy and live a rewarding, prosperous, and happy life. We will never leave you out to dry. Once you enter our facility, you’re family.

Your life is in your hands. You can choose to eradicate the control addiction has over you and liberate yourself with a joyous freedom, or continue to suffer in obscurity. Don’t let addiction dictate your life any longer. Call Northshore Behavioral Health today to set up the free consultation that will change your life. Don’t hesitate, the time for healing is always now.