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About us

North Shore Behavioral Health is dedicated to helping clients overcome their addiction with numerous resources, approaches, techniques, and methods that are applied with compassion and precision. We believe that drug addiction treatment doesn’t end with the withdrawal symptoms. To fully treat substance abuse, addiction treatment centers need to take into account the whole person, not just treat detox. .

The utmost support and guidance is provided by our friendly staff that is highly qualified, very well-trained, and impeccably experienced. Our friendly team is truly committed to helping people like you eradicate their demons, look at addiction as the disease it is, and take the necessary steps to heal and recover.

Our mission

Our goals at North Shore are provided resources conducive to getting as many people sober in the long-term as possible. Low client intake allows us to focus on each individual and their recovery, but we continuously work to help clients get through the program with success and liberation. We aim to provide impeccably thoughtful and empathetic treatment at our substance abuse facilities with state-of-the-art treatment techniques and experts.

We believe that everyone with an addiction needs to be treated for their overall mental health, not just the withdrawal symptoms. Addiction is a chronic brain disease that needs to be treated along with the many other conditions that contribute to and exacerbate the substance abuse.

Vast Experience

For years we’ve been learning from clients on how to better serve people like you. Each different client that comes through our doors teaches something new that we’ve applied to years of treating addictions. We’ve seen it all and know that some things work for some people, and not for others. The condition of the client is conducive to the treatment that we will suggest.

Our employees are educated and boast years of experience applying the evolving knowledge of addiction science with real people and real situations. Our personnel are specialists, experts, and professionals that care so much about helping people get on their feet, breaking the dependence drugs hold over people, and enabling them to return to their lives.

A variety of recovery services.

North Shore addiction treatment clinics take pride in our ability to evolve with a client and alter their comprehensive and personal addiction treatment plan along the way. What works for you will be explored while what doesn’t work for you will be forgotten. These are just some of our advanced treatment services we utilize at our drug rehab centers.